Monday, August 14, 2006

But enough about me.

So I started this blog because I've been sitting on my ass all weekend in this hospital. Socialized medicine is the best, no doubt about it, but you do an awful lot of waiting. I post these blogs from the waiting room at the surgical ward of Che Guevara Memorial Hospital in Havana Cuba.

Yall know who I'm here to see?

That's right. Fidel "El Grande Gigante" CASTRO! That's who. See when you're an international jet-setting revolutionary like El Chavismo you meet a better class of people so yall counterrevolutionary haters best take a step back. Me and Fidel go back before I was presidente of all Venezuela, back when I was just the greatest general since Bolivar. My revolutionary credentials are in full effect!

This is me and the Big F kickin it in the post-anesthesia care unit yesterday. (Photo courtesy of Reuters.)

I'll be checkin in with yall all week while my Maximum Leader recovers. Post your get-well wishes here babies.

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