Saturday, July 12, 2008

El Chavismo on Facebook?

So I'm sitting around the presidential palace this morning, watching CNN, and they had this show on this new thing called social networking. They say it's all the rage with the youth of the world, and El Chavismo is all about connecting with the young, because they're the future workers of the world.

And then it hit me. Could I have a future in this social networking scene? Is there room for me with these new technologies? Hell yeah babies.

And it's easy. Every Bolivarian revolutionary should try it. I hooked up with my friends, and even whipped this gringo at a game of scrabble. El Chavismo is a mean scrabble player, even in in English.

Now to look up Fidel and Raul.

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Kate said...

Hola Hugo Chavez. Estoy estudiante inglesa y estoy estudiante el espanol. Me encanta mucho los paises latinoamericas y manana estoy presentando sobre El Chavismo en mi clase.! Estoy muy nerviosa - tiene usted algun aviso?