Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh Shit

Where to start?

I know when I started this blog two years ago that all yall were counting on regular updates from El Chavismo, but what what can I say? I've been BUSY, ok? Jetsetting around the globe, seeing international movie stars, kicking it with Oliver Stone, you know how it is. And that's just the WORK, baby.

The F-dog has gone into a bit of a tailspin, and that's been weighing heavily on my mind, cause yall know what inspiration Fidel's always been to me. I'm sure Raul will pull Cuba out of its troubles, and keep up the good fight, but he's not the man his brother is and was. Yall didn't hear that from me, k? ;)

So between fighting for new counterterrorist laws, and expanding the welfare of the people, and supporting democracy in Colombia (Alvaro, you can SUCK MY FAT ONE!), it's been a hot and thirsty day in Caracas. HEY KOOL-AID!

I promise to keep this blog updated more regularyl in the future, but it's all kool, and we always be kool. As Pac would have said, you know dat.

Pac lives!

El Chavismo.

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